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Master dungeons

Muffincake, Dec 23, 11 1:56 PM.
We need to start doing master dungeons
We tried one today and it was really fun and the loot is good but its quite hard.

Put a comment here and tell me when you got the time to do a Master dungeon!

Muffin and Beast doing some questsing

Muffincake, Dec 17, 11 9:20 PM.


Muffincake, Dec 16, 11 7:31 PM.
First of all I just want to give you all a warm welcome to our new site and the soon to be biggest, best and most famous guild on Sagespire.

In just 1 week we made it over 100members, We have started to do instances and reached lvl 6.
There's just one word for this and it's AMAZING!

I wanna thank a lot of people for doing my job as a guild leader a lot easier.

BeastofDoom - Been playing with this guy for as long as i remember now, and he got much more experience then me and to share the leadership of this guild makes me very confident in what we can achieve.

Syyhk - This guy is THE MAGE, im telling you a better player is hard to find. active and always able to help out when theres something I dont get = quite often.

Vendelin - our best donater, thanks to her we got a vault!

Feel free to join the forum if you got any questions.  
I will soon post an explanation to what DKP is.

// Muffincake 
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